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Contractor and facilities management just got a whole lot smarter

Announcing a strategic relationship between Rapid Global and Urbanise (Building Services Software)

If you’re an organisation dedicated to continuous improvement and always seeking ways to make your processes more efficient — you’ll love our new collaboration with Australia’s leader in property management software, Urbanise.

Introducing Urbanise

If you haven’t already heard of Urbanise, get prepared to be impressed. They’re an Australian company (with an international reputation) leading the market in facilities and asset management systems.

ASX listed since 2014, Urbanise makes it easier for business owners to manage their buildings and infrastructure. Innovating the latest technologies and responding to market demand — Urbanise’s cloud-based systems provide facilities, assets, workforce and strata management in a single platform.

Re-introducing Rapid

If you haven’t heard of us before, we are Rapid Global — an award-winning Australian company providing workforce management solutions to businesses and large corporations all over the world. Starting with a single platform — Rapid Induct — over the past 20 years we’ve listened to the needs of our customers and now provide innovative software to streamline all aspects of an organisation’s workforce.

Induction and training, contractor management, visitor sign-ins, compliance documents, auditing, incidents and risk management — all our software solutions communicate with one another and are fully customisable to suit the daily operational needs of our clients.

We are very excited about expanding the usability and functionality of Rapid Contractor Management, Rapid Access, and Rapid Induct — and helping our clients create more efficient systems for facilities management, safety and compliance.

Software synergy in the field

“Urbanise and Rapid are a perfect match because both companies are best-for-brand at leveraging cloud technologies. Both have the resources and dedication to customer service to create a seamless (and personalised) solution for their clients.”

Jarred Mckenzie

Senior Solutions Architect, Urbanise 

Let’s take a deep dive now and unpack how (and why) the Rapid/Urbanise synergy is the ultimate solution for facilities managers — or anyone who issues work orders for building, asset and property maintenance. We find examples are always the best way to explain stuff, so let’s go.

How it works

You’re a facilities manager and need to organise scheduled maintenance for your building’s HVAC system. The Urbanise Facilities Platform has notified you that a full service is due and you’ll need to book a maintenance contractor to replace filters, inspect fans, bearings, and belts — as well as clean and adjust the dampers.

You create a work order in Urbanise (documenting the full maintenance schedule), and want to assign an air-conditioning technician to the job. You use Rapid Contractor Management, Rapid Induct, and Rapid Access to manage contractor entry onto your job site and would normally skip over to the Rapid portal to check the compliance status of available sub-contractors from the air-conditioning company.

But the two systems are now seamlessly integrated — allowing all the information stored with Rapid to be instantly available within Urbanise. Meaning the training records, licences, permits, IDs, and insurance documents verified in a sub-contractor’s file will also update the compliance status of a supplier or agent in .

DID YOU KNOW? Verified contractors entering a worksite can undergo a mini orientation and view the site’s emergency evacuation procedures as part of the sign-in process. Using Rapid’s smartphone app they’ll be instantly notified if an emergency situation occurs while they are onsite, and will be directed to the nearest muster point.

How the Rapid/Urbanise integration benefits you

The benefit is immediate. You simply cannot issue a work order to a non-compliant contractor. And when we say ‘non-compliant’ we mean a contractor who has not been ‘verified’ according to your site configurations.

In our HVAC example your maintenance contractor might require (for compliance):

  • Contractor Licence issued by a state government.
  • Public Liability insurance.
  • Site safety and induction training.
  • Valid ID.
  • Proof of annual influenza vaccination (if doing work at an aged care facility).

All these documents can be uploaded into the Rapid portal and verified by your compliance team. If any of the documents are missing (or expired) the technician will be flagged as non-compliant. A non-compliant contractor will be denied entry by the Rapid Access visitor sign-in system, (and as we mentioned earlier) cannot be assigned to a work order in Urbanise.

Ultimately, users of both systems no longer have to toggle between 2 x software programs or create a clunky spreadsheet to document the ‘in-between’ data. Sure, switching screens only takes a few seconds, but in those seconds it’s very easy to misread a line of text and assign a job to the wrong contractor. The Rapid/Urbanise integration is seamless — so contractor compliance is automatic.

DID YOU KNOW? Rapid users will be able to instantly view Urbanise work orders assigned to verified contracting companies and their workers. At the front gate (or from the smartphone app in the field) you can check a contractor’s compliance status and applicable work order. You can even cross-check their photo ID.

Meeting the challenges facing facilities managers

Both Rapid and Urbanise developed this initiative in direct response to the challenges faced by Australia’s building and facilities managers. We know that you need to closely manage your efficiencies — reducing costs by extending the life of your assets and selecting the right contractors. Plus keep track of everything with a reliable (and easy to access) records system.

We’re looking forward to seeing the live system out in the field and getting feedback from our clients who are managing a complex portfolio of building and facilities assets. Rapid and Urbanise are particularly proud of our agile tech teams who are ready to tweak and customise your configuration to meet the unique needs of your business.

DID YOU KNOW? Rapid and Urbanise are proudly Australian companies with an international reach. Serving customers in the furthest corners of Australia and across the Pacific to New Zealand, South-East Asia, Africa, UK, and the Middle East.

How can Rapid and Urbanise make your job easier?

Like to know more about how this new synergy between Rapid and Urbanise — and how it can help your business? Reach out to the team at Rapid today and ask for a free software demonstration. Our dedicated tech team are able to personalise your configuration to ensure all your operational needs are addressed. Get in touch today.

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