How technology is changing the Work Health and Safety landscape
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How risk management technology is changing the Work Health and Safety landscape

Let’s face it, new technologies are coming along at rapid speed to assist business with risk management and the future of innovation is here

Artificial intelligence, mobile-technology and system automation – are you ready for the future of Work Health & Safety management?

These changes are happening within the broader context of Australia’s future of work. Forget the flying cars, hoverboards or time machines that sci-fi movies would have you believe are coming! In the real world, technology is already working for business to improve processes and risk management.

New technologies bring the potential to make work safer, but they can also bring new challenges for WHS. Here are the key changing trends shaping the future of WHS:

Automation of risk management

Savvy businesses are already using process automation to improve productivity and safety standards.

Automation can be used to improve customer service delivery, HR and inductions of new contractors, incident reporting, and visitor records.

Technology is improving constantly and the costs of automation are continually falling which is why automation is becoming a common element of every business.

Your main reasons to get on board with automation will likely be to improve and manage your health and safety processes. You can also embrace automation in order to control various processes, manage tasks, track performance and plan for the future.

Automation also offers an opportunity for the business to align with employees and contractors, as the more productive people can be at work, and the better they can manage their tasks, the happier your team will be.

Mobile technology

Mobile technology is a rising trend – and it’s not going anywhere! Mobile technology enhances flexibility, improves accuracy of reporting, and helps make business processes simple.

In 2020 and beyond we will see more and more focus on this area that can improve the safety of all workers. Being able to access incident reports and inspection registers via mobile devices allows for easier and safer monitoring when at work.

Processes that feel laborious and time-consuming can be a turn off for staff and there is always the danger that corners get cut. By making it simpler and easy to do, you can improve your health and safety execution, further improve productivity, and increase staff morale.

Ultimately, mobile technologies offer the flexibility to make it something people want to do rather than have to do!

Wearable safety technology and smart PPE

Increasing in popularity at a rapid rate is wearable technology. According to a study by Goldsmiths, University of London, and technology company Rackspace, “wearable technologies have been found to boost productivity by 8.5%.”

Site safety signs construction site for health and safety.

With the increasing popularity of devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, safety leaders are beginning to turn to wearable technology to improve workplace health and safety.

Sensors that monitor, collect, and record biometric, location, and movement data in real-time are increasingly being integrated into “smart” personal protective equipment (PPE) and worksite clothing. 

Industry specific apps

As technology becomes increasingly tailored for individual industries, you should take advantage of industry specific apps that fit your business. In doing so, you will save time, money, and stress!

Health and safety processes become easier when the technology you use gives your business the right balance. Choosing sophisticated and capable systems will allow you to run your business safe in the knowledge you are running efficiently.

This trend towards specific and tailored technology allows you to engage your workers and connect with your customers.

Virtual Meetings

Meetings that can take place anywhere, anytime! No longer is it an issue if the team are geographically separated.

Using collaboration tools (such as Slack or Zoom) you can improve task management, monitor the progress and performance of projects and key objectives, and increase your health and safety performance.

Virtual meetings are already commonly used and will continue to increase in popularity because once you’ve implemented these collaboration tools, it becomes a lot easier to align the business and its people and build up a solid risk management culture and strong health and safety operations.

Align people and technology with Rapid Global

To ensure future growth, your business needs to keep up with the changes by implementing the right technologies and processes.

But it’s not all about the technology – the key to digital success is to bring your people and processes along the transformation journey. For any health and safety strategy to be effective, you must get everyone in the organisation on board, and this is never more important than when new technologies come into the workspace. 

Contact us at Rapid Global and let us kelp you get up to date with the technology that can help your business succeed.    We help businesses of all sizes, across all industries, to improve their work practices.

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