Managing Contractors

The level of responsibility on the shoulders of workplace health and safety managers has increased significantly in recent years. Part of their role is to ensure that the contractors performing work on site have the correct insurances in place in case any accidents occur. With some companies having numerous amounts of contractors coming on site on a regular basis, the quantity of documentation can often be a difficult process to manage, causing high amounts of stress on health and safety managers as their liability is so prominent.

The software offered by Rapid Global provides the ability to manage contractors in a very controlled and simple process. Rapid Contractor Management allows companies to store contractor documents such as Public Liability and Workers Compensation on file, giving them access to view and verify documents with ease.

Rapid Contractor Management makes the job of a WHS manager easier by tracking the expiry dates of contractor insurance documents and ensuring licenses and insurances are always up to date. Technology such as that provided by Rapid Global, simplifies a task that has previously been onerous. Expiry reminders are automatically sent from the software to the contractor.

The latest range of contractor management software on the market, such as Rapid Contractor Management, allows managers to view which contractors have correct and up to date insurance documentation as well as verify they have completed the correct training to perform specific work. This software has seen efficiency for users rise in dramatic fashion as managing contractors has been made into a trouble-free process. Many companies are using this in tandem with a comprehensive visitor management system to ensure safety and gather relevant data about the workplace.

Workplaces must ensure that the workplace is safe for contractors as well as their own employees to perform work. If a workplace accident occurs, the company needs to ensure that the correct measures are in place to make certain future accidents do not arise. Rapid Incident Reporting is another product used effectively by some companies to minimize the chances of a reoccurrence of workplace accidents. Rapid Incident Reporting provides an online system for the reporting of incidents through to investigation into how the problem arose, how the incident can be resolved and also the documentation of the procedures that were undertaken until final resolution. Workplace incidents decreased significantly from the use of this product as accidents were able to be avoided through past actions being documented and easily accessed.

Using the correct software, such as the award winning solutions from Rapid Global, managers achieve enhanced productivity, cost savings and most importantly, are greatly helped in the process of managing contractors and handling onsite incidents which in turn creates a safer, less stressful working environment. Up to date software can also ensure that issuing permits are easy, quick and safe, including hot work permits.

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