What if I cannot access the verified email address or mobile number for my MyRapid account?

If you have an induction key that has been added to the incorrect account, or an account you no longer have access to, there are some steps you can take to access your induction under the correct details.

1. Please email [email protected] from your new email address and CC in the inaccessible email and/or include the inaccessible mobile in body of email and request any induction keys. (Please provide induction keys if known) linked to the account to be de-linked.

2. If you no longer require the inaccessible MyRapid account to be active, please request we close this account.

3. Once the induction key(s) have been de-linked, and you have received a confirmation email, you will be able to add them to your new MyRapid account.

Please note: Our team can only action this request if your name matches the name of the verified MyRapid account. The account holder will still be required to CC in the email address they are unable to access for reference even if sending from a different email address.