Induction key not working

If you’re on the screen saying ‘Enter your MyRapid Password’, then please make sure you are entering your personal password (i.e. the one you created) rather than your Induction Key. The Induction Key is added under the ‘Rapid Induct’ section once you are logged in.

Or, if you’re getting an error message saying, ‘Please log in with your MyRapid account’ when you click on ‘Add Induction Key’, this means you have an existing MyRapid account made using some of your other details, and you probably already have that Induction Key entered on that account. 

How to resolve this?

To access the other account, click the ‘Sign Out’ button in the top right-hand corner of your screen (in the drop-down list next to your name). This will bring you back to the original login page.

Please then try logging in using your other details (i.e. if you logged in with your mobile last time then log in with your email this time, or vice versa, or use a different email address), and the account should appear there.