Log in to MyRapid

Step 1. Enter your email address or mobile number. This must be your own and not a third party’s. 

Step 2. Enter the Induction Key you have received followed by your last name. If you have not yet received an Induction Key, please click here to find out how to get one.

Click ‘Next’.

If you entered your mobile number in Step 1, ensure the email address on this screen is your own personal account or remove the email address from this screen. 

If you entered your email address in Step 1, the mobile number field is optional and can be left empty. 

Step 3. Create a MyRapid password. 

Click ‘Create Account’

You will be sent a security code. If you entered your mobile number in Step 1 and did not enter an email address in Step 3, security code will be sent to your mobile via SMS. 

Step 4. Return to the website and enter the security code. Click ‘Verify’.

You will be taken to your MyRapid Portal where you can add additional Induction Keys you may receive in future.