Welcoming personnel to site in a professional and timely manner is important to Adstream. However, given they only have up to 5 visitors come to site daily, having a receptionist at the desk full time was not practical or cost-efficient. Because of this, it was unclear when a visitor had arrived on site, and there were times when staff had inadvertently left visitors waiting. Adstream’s Managing Director at the time saw this as an issue and realised the need for a visitor sign-in system to be implemented. Seeing Rapid Access in action at a client’s site, he was impressed and decided to use the visitor management software at Adstream.

“We had previous instances where visitors were left waiting without the employee being notified and we also couldn’t keep a thorough record of who was onsite at one time, which is a requirement in case of an emergency within the building.”

– Hannah Owen, Executive Assistant/HR


Two Rapid Access Systems touchscreen terminals were implemented at Adstream in their two main offices, thus removing the need for a receptionist to be at the door at all times. When visitors arrive on site, they simply sign in and complete the site induction so they are aware of the emergency evacuation procedure and other necessary information. Upon sign-in, their host is also automatically sent a text or an email letting them know of their arrival so they meet the visitor promptly.

“We no longer have the requirement for a manned reception area and all employees can manage their own guests and visitors. Staff are easily notified when someone is on site to see them, the visitor knows the emergency procedures set out in the induction and management have a record of who is onsite at one time.”


There has been a definite time saving for staff and visitors, as they now do not have to wait due to the lack of an effective notification system. This has also proved to be more cost efficient than having a manned reception area.

“If you are looking for an effective system to assist with visitor traffic, then Rapid Access Systems is a great tool. It was easy to implement, it’s easy to manage and is cost effective compared with having a staff member on reception.”